We aim to treat cancer in children and adults
with targeted therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

Targeted and controlled Radiation for Cancer Therapy

QSAM Biosciences is committed to advancing the fight against cancer through discovery, development and delivery of effective treatment options to adult and pediatric patients.   We aim to develop targeted therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals as safer and more efficacious alternatives to current treatment modalities to address large unmet medical needs and underserved patient populations.  To that end, QSAM is developing a pipeline of novel radiotherapeutics to serve multiple indications. 

Our lead product, CycloSam®, is a clinical-stage bone-seeking radiopharmaceutical designed to safely and precisely deliver targeted radiation to tumors in the bone.  CycloSam® delivers the beta-emitting radioisotope, Samarium-153, to areas of rapid bone formation through a superior chelant, DOTMP, emitting a potent yet controlled dose of radiation treatment directly to the tumor environment while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue. The results we seek are halting or regressing primary and metastatic tumors in bone for both children and adults.

CycloSam® is the next generation of an already FDA-approved drug, with patented improvements to increase efficacy and utility, reduce toxicity, and streamline production.  

CycloSam® Indications

We believe that the ability to safely administer CycloSam® for higher and multiple-dose regimens may expand its clinical utility for therapeutic uses in areas of high unmet medical needs.

What are radiopharmaceuticals?

Radiation is one of the most widely used treatments for cancer. But external beam radiation – the most common approach – cannot reach its target without also damaging healthy cells.

Radiopharmaceuticals are intravenous forms of radiation where a tumor-killing radioisotope is attached to a molecule that can seek out cancer cells, delivering radiation directly to the tumor site.

Radiopharmaceuticals are one of the fastest growing sectors of nuclear medicine, with next-generation drug candidates like CycloSam® forging new frontiers in the fight against cancer. 

Investor Information

Global market for Radiopharmaceuticals expected to reach US $8.9 Billion by 20261

"New Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals to Drive Global Market"

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