Indication for CycloSam®

Potential to Lower High Dose Radiation

Potential to Lower High Dose Radiation

CyloSam® offers the potential to lower recommended high-dose radiation to levels that reduce undesirable tissue and organ damage.

High dose radiation to bones in the thoracic cavity, near joints, near organs, or other sensitive tissue causes scarring of those tissues:

  • Vertebrae or Cervical Vertebrae: Spinal cord, tissue damage, bone necrosis
  • Sternum or Ribs: Lungs: Breathing issues, infections
  • Femur, Tibia, Shoulders: Joints: Stiffness, flexion, range of motion loss
  • Total Body Radiation for Multiple Bones: Organs: Function compromise

This potential indication could be separate from any indication for primary treatment of cancer and is often to assist with a goal of reduction in radiation that is part of an overall treatment program for bone cancer.